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Area Representative: Kathleen McKellar Ferguson

I am delighted that Scotland has now become “an area” in its own right and am honoured to be the first AOTOS Scottish Area Representative.

It will be wonderful to have a strong AOTOS presence in Scotland and to be able to have our own Scottish Area Day which will be easily accessible for all. The Area Day will be held once a year here in Scotland in addition to national UK AOTOS events. These yearly Area Days are to bring us together for mutual support, friendship and professional development.

They are also opportunities to bring along your friends and to extend a warm welcome to other singing teachers. Having been a huge “pod” of 70 members the Scottish area will now be broken down into 3 pods – North Scotland, East Scotland and West Scotland. These pods are smaller groups which can build up and foster good professional relationships and support for our local members and will be led by committed AOTOS members in your own area.

We are always looking for new volunteers and fresh ideas so please feel free to be in touch with me as your AOTOS Scottish Area Rep at

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5 March 2023

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