Summer 2024 Conference: Saturday

Saturday 20 July

Dr Gillyanne Kayes
Dr Gillyanne Kayes

Keynote from Gillyanne Kayes:
Teaching in the second decade of the 21st century – what has changed?

"Across more than four decades of teaching in a private studio, leading training events, and working in higher education I have witnessed the changing role of singing teacher to vocal educator.

Right now we may feel pressured to be knowledgeable in numerous areas that were previously considered specialisms: poly-vagal theory, neurodiversity, gender-diversity and vocal health. Underneath it all we are still singing teachers and as singing teachers have ALWAYS been multi-skilled."

In this talk Gillyanne will share how solutions can be found by helping teachers celebrate their existing skills and support each other through peer learning, collaboration, discussion and community.

Anupa Paul presenting an abstract at AOTOS Summer 2023 Conference
Anupa Paul presenting an abstract at AOTOS Summer 2023 Conference

Mini presentations

2 x 15-minute presentations from AOTOS members and wider community
We are welcoming submissions to present an abstract until 1 April 2024. Find all the details here.

Kate Valentine Summer Conference 2024

Keynote from Kate Valentine:
Demystifying Vocal Massage

Vocal Massage has attracted controversy in the past, and many singing teachers remain cautious… but what actually IS Vocal Massage? What does it entail? Is it safe? What qualifications does one need to be a Vocal Massage Therapist? What might a typical session look like? How much does it cost? What benefits can I expect? And when should I suggest a Vocal Massage to my students?

Join Kate Valentine, Founder of Valentine Voice Care and experienced Vocal Massage Therapist, as she delves into the nitty gritty!

Lynne Dawson Summer Conference 2024

Masterclass with Lynne Dawson

AOTOS is delighted to welcome Lynne Dawson, Head of School at Royal Northern College of Music, for a presentation and practical workshop on preparing for postgraduate study.

Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher
Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher

Choice of workshops:
- Vocal Massage demonstration with Kate Valentine
- Working in Groups with Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher


Drinks and dinner

Drinks reception and dinner