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Carrie BirminghamArea Representative: Carrie Birmingham

As your area representative I am eager to network with you all. If there is any subject matter anyone is bursting to discover, please get in touch and I’ll see if this can be included in some way as part of our next professional development day.

It would be great to get our pods set up for the year ahead, and to arrange some dates for meet ups. Feedback from the Summer 2017 Conference also brought to my attention that many pods would like to also be able to network with other local pods. I’m sure by looking at a central meeting option we may be able to make this possible in coming months. Doodle may prove a useful resource to help organise any pod meet-ups.

I’d like to help bring us all together to share resources, experiences and much more. Please do bring forward any ideas or requests and I will actively do my best to achieve these over coming months!

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Past North area events

24 February 2019, Manchester: Teaching children and young voices with Jenevora Williams

27 January 2018, Gateshead: Primal Voice in contemporary singing with Dane Chalfin

11 March 2017, Blackburn: Putting theory into practice – making sense of vocal science with Gillyanne Kayes

8 May 2016, Edinburgh: A practical approach to teaching different singing styles with Mary Hammond

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