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Facebook group

To discuss anything related to singing teaching in complete confidentiality with other AOTOS members, join our members-only group on Facebook. You won't find it by looking for it as both the group and all the posts are hidden – it is not the same as our public Facebook page.

For an email invitation to join the group, email quoting your membership number and the email you use to log in to Facebook, if that is different from the email you use for AOTOS. When you accept the invitation, you agree to abide by this code of conduct.

Don’t want to be visible on Facebook? This article by our Webmaster, Ian Anderson Gray, explains how to stay private on Facebook.

Facebook code of conduct

Updated January 2021

This official AOTOS members-only Facebook group was set up to connect members and share ideas – only members see what’s posted here.


1. This is a closed group where members can offer advice, share research and invite discussion. It is a supportive environment and is moderated. We welcome a lively forum but are mindful that such a diverse group could lead to heated exchanges. To that end, we respectfully ask that members support our guidance.

2. The marginalisation of anybody based on gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or nationality is not tolerated.

3.  We operate a tolerant and open-minded forum and the moderators will take action if a post is seen to target any of the above. Infringements have a scaled response (warning, request, further request) but may ultimately result in a member being asked to leave the group.

4.  Please be respectful of stages of learning. As teachers, we seek to enlighten and educate and members are all at different levels of experience. In the end we all learn by listening, asking and taking part

5.  While it is legitimate to disagree with somebody else, it is not acceptable to mock or seek to marginalise them. Undermining is seen as a serious breach of our code of conduct. The language you choose to use is within your gift; if you feel inflamed, please take a moment to reflect or walk away. Alongside this, please avoid starting a conversation in order to deliberately provoke and create disagreement.

6.  Through our monthly ‘WHAT’S ON WEEKEND’ (#WOW) * we offer members of this group the opportunity to promote their own courses or workshops alongside anything that they see will be of benefit to members or their students.

*during Covid this has been replaced with a weekly ‘TELL ME ON A TUESDAY’ (#TMOAT). Prefix any event with the appropriate hashtag and post only on a Tuesday until further notice. Please avoid multiple postings – one per week is fair on all

7. Please make sure before posting that your event does not occur within three days either side of an AOTOS specific event. Details are updated regularly on our website. ( You can promote your events or courses in a maximum of two free emails to members (contact:, or pay to advertise in the AOTOS email newsletter (contact:

8. Disclaimer: The content and quality of any Member event cannot be endorsed by AOTOS as an organisation. AOTOS members attend these events at their own discretion.