The Association of Teachers of Singing (AOTOS) is the UK’s only singing teachers’ association.

We welcome anyone who teaches singing – at home, school, college of further education, music conservatoire; with a choir, youth group, amateur dramatic society, professional organisation – whatever their experience or qualifications.

We offer free membership to anyone in full-time education and half-price membership to graduates, plus discounts to groups of three or more singing teachers in a school, college, conservatoire, or music service.

On 1 October 2020 we had 859 members, which included 29 corporate members. We offer a number of ways to reach our members to promote relevant courses, workshops or events, competitions for singers, and job opportunities.

AOTOS was founded in 1975 to promote a wider understanding of all aspects of the teaching of singing. We create opportunities which bring together teachers from all over the world. All AOTOS activities and services are open to members specialising in teaching any expression of song: from classical, through music theatre and folk, to jazz, rock and gospel, either privately or in school, college, university or conservatoire.

Code of ethics

AOTOS regards it to be the duty of a teacher of singing to:

  • put the welfare of a student above their own ambition
  • treat every student with respect, regardless of age or ability, and extend this respect to a student’s confidences
  • operate in accordance with the guidance given in the AOTOS Child protection policy and Code of ­practice
  • maintain honesty and realism in assessing a student’s potential and in giving career advice
  • search constantly for further enlightenment with a view to improving their own work and have an open-minded approach to the methods and opinions of colleagues
  • work unselfishly towards sharing knowledge with colleagues, especially with younger and less experienced teachers
  • respect a student’s freedom to change teacher without rancour or recrimination
  • behave with courtesy and discretion towards other members of the profession.

AOTOS is a member of the European Voice Teachers Association

AOTOS is also a member association of the International Congress of Voice Teachers