Summer 2023 Conference: Sunday

Sunday 4 June

Voice Pedagogy

Louise Gibbs
Louise Gibbs

Advancing Individuality in the Voice Studio – Louise Gibbs

Day two has been neatly divided into three key areas: Voice Pedagogy, Vocal Health Care and Commercial Music. The day opens with a session from Louise Gibbs, jazz singer, composer and educator. Louise has taught and given workshops on jazz performance, improvisation and voice at every major conservatoire and many universities in the UK. She currently teaches singing for the Universities of Leeds, Hull, Chester and Sheffield, and is a specialist examiner for the RNCM and RAM.


Martin Ashley
Martin Ashley

Pedagogy Panel:

  • Allen Henderson (US)
  • Graham Welch (UK)
  • Ken Bozeman (US)
  • Yvonne Gonzales Redman (US)
  • Dr Gillyanne Kayes (UK)
  • Martin Ashley (UK)
  • Barbara Hoos de Jokisch (GER)

Vocal Health Care

Rebecca Moseley-Morgan
Rebecca Moseley-Morgan

The Ageing Voice: Mid-Life & Beyond – Rebecca Moseley-Morgan, Karen Brunssen and Joanne Bozeman

Vocal changes during midlife and beyond are a reality for all who sing into those years. Voice teachers and singers can develop a better understanding about those changes, how to address issues and reinvigorate singing, and explain the new limits they may be experiencing. Rebecca, Karen, and Joanne will offer their perspectives based on their research, teaching, and personal experiences with singers, teachers and their own singing. They have collectively worked with many aging amateur and professional singers. A teacher well-equipped with explanations and solutions can be a great help. Are there specific exercises that can remediate and reinvigorate singing? What are reasonable and healthy expectations for singing? What causes these changes? What changes in our sensations and why?

Declan Costello
Declan Costello

Vocal Health Care Team Panel:

  • Declan Costello (UK), London Laryngologist
  • Susan Yarnall-Monks (UK), Voice Care Corners
  • Dr Diana Allan (US), Mental Performance Skills
  • Anupa Paul (India), Growth Mindset
  • Dr Jenevora Williams (UK), Vocal Health First Aid and Rehabilitation
  • Martin Ashley (UK), Working with Youth
  • Sandra Oberoi (India), Identity


Commercial Music

Ken Bozeman
Ken Bozeman

Pedagogical Implications of Voice Acoustics – Ken Bozeman and David Howard

Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher
Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher

Working with the singer in the room: A masterclass with Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher

A masterclass is a snapshot in time, a microcosm of the relationship between the teacher/coach as guide and the singer as performer. Both parties bring with them a set of skills with their own musical histories and values. In this masterclass we will be working on several levels – helping the singer find their most authentic performance that day, sharing part of our process for discovering a performer’s uniqueness, and discussing why the singer in the room overrides the “rules” of genre. There will be time for questions from the audience at the end.

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