AOTOS Teacher Training

The commitment of AOTOS to the improvement of singing teaching centres on the annual week-long Teacher Training Course.

  • Teacher Training Course 2014

Evolution of the Course

The course was originally designed to be a professional development one for practising singing teachers. It offers the opportunity for teachers to work with guest pupils watched by an experienced teacher, who then comments and develops further ideas with the student teacher in regular sessions throughout the week. It provides an ideal ‘refresher’ course with chances to share new ideas and hone existing skills.

In response to frequent requests, in recent years the course has evolved to take on a small number of people who are starting to teach. It gives them the chance to sample the ‘studio’ situation with the security of having an experienced professional with them, and can show them the various skills required to become a safe and successful singing teacher.


Margaret Aronson - Teacher Training Director

Margaret Aronson – Teacher Training Director

Course Content

Alongside the core work with the mentoring teachers we also cover introductory lectures on anatomy for singers, Alexander technique, the developing and older voice, various repertoire issues, examination technique and business sense. There is also a resident pianist who can help to introduce keyboard and harmonic knowledge to those who have come towards the profession from routes other than formal musical training.


The Wider Training Picture

As the Pathways, the introductory course for people wanting to start teaching singing is launched in 2015, the Teacher Training Course can move once again towards concentrating on its incomparable role as a professional development refresher course for those with some teaching experience.
It will also be the centre piece of the Pathways, with participants taking the intensive residential course when they have sufficient experience to benefit fully from what it has to offer.


Teacher Training Course Personnel

The personnel are drawn from the membership of AOTOS and change and develop each year, but over time we are building up a body of knowledge that is useful to the whole membership, for example on following the development of the teenage voice, and keeping up to date with legal matters relating to running a private studio.


Forthcoming Teacher Training Courses

Access Day South 201630th January 2016Kingswood School, Bath
Access Day North 20168th May 2016St Mary’s Music School