Training for voice teachers

  • Teacher and students on an AOTOS course
  • Teachers and students on an AOTOS training course
  • Lecture at an AOTOS conference

The object of AOTOS is to advance education in the teaching of singing. The core of that commitment is our Advanced Professional Development Course, a residential course designed for voice teachers with at least four years’ teaching experience. This year’s course took place just before our annual Summer Conference, and 2017 is likely to follow the same pattern.

After requests to cater for less experienced singing teachers, our Pathways training programme was launched with great success in 2015. There are three pathways:

Margaret Aronson - Teacher Training Director

Margaret Aronson, Training Director

Access to training for aspiring teachers

An introductory Access Day, six mentoring sessions and a Follow-up Day.

Foundation course for new singing teachers

Planned for 2017, this course will be three weekends spread over six months.

Advanced Professional Development Course

This respected course remains at the core of our programme.

Course content

Our core content is mentor-observed studio teaching, but courses will also include discussion of anatomy for singers, Alexander technique, the developing and older voice, various repertoire issues, examination technique, and business sense.


Our personnel are drawn from the membership of AOTOS and change and develop each year. Over time we are building up a body of knowledge that can be shared with our whole membership; recent specialities have included the development of the teenage voice, and keeping up to date with legal matters relating to running a private studio.