South West Area Representative

Jenna Brown

My name is Jenna Brown and I am a vocal health specialist based in Bristol. I am a trained voice rehabilitation specialist, vocal massage therapist and vocal coach, and run Bristol Voice Care providing rehabilitation and coaching for professional and amateur individuals and groups. As a singer, I am a classical mezzo-soprano working as a soloist in concert and recital. I also perform in choral ensembles and work as a conductor at Bristol Youth Choir, and as vocal coach for Exultate Singers.

I am an early career researcher and currently completing my dissertation for an MA in Voice Pedagogy and will be continuing my research in a PhD. I have an MSc in teaching and learning, specialising in SEND Inclusion, as well as a first degree in Theology. My research now integrates my teaching expertise with my lifelong interest in philosophy and ethics, taking a multi-disciplinary perspective uniting the humanities, arts and voice science. I am deeply interested in how systems and organisations can influence our practice (for better or worse!) and like to challenge methods and practices that perpetuate injustice. My research utilises pragmatic feminist methodology, exploring the ethics of what we do and how we can contribute to a fairer and more equitable society. I am delighted to be getting more involved with AOTOS and look forward to sharing with and learning from you all.

Jenna joined the AOTOS Council as South West Area Representative in July 2023.