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Pop Songs for Primary Schools

Reviewed by Kathryn Bringloe, January 2024 First impressions of the book: the front cover has…

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Are we doing enough to protect choristers?

Sarah Cunningham, May 2024 Choristers, the young people at the heart of our cathedral choirs,…

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Members-only Zoom: Osteopathy for Voice

There is a long history of treating vocal problems with manual therapy. Recently there has…

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Members-only Zoom: From Singer to Voice Therapist

Laura Thomas shares her personal experience of making a career change from singer and teacher…

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Members-only Zoom: Conducting for Singing Teachers

Those of us who teach singing often find ourselves in the position of needing to…

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50 Ways to Abuse your Voice: A Singer’s Guide to a Short Career

Reviewed by Melanie Mehta, March 2024 The work, publications and advice on voice care particularly…

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Great Vocal Duets with practical piano accompaniments by Bram Wiggins

Reviewed by Kiefer Jones, January 2024 As part of an extended range of collections, Great…

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‘All’s Well That Ends Well’: Entering Singers for the New LCME Musical Theatre Examinations

Janice V Thompson, January 2024 I feel a certain loyalty to the London College of…

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Our next AGM

Ut eget condimentum ipsum. Integer tristique enim volutpat consequat aliquet. Maecenas tempor laoreet lectus, vitae…

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