Apply for a Covid 19 Bursary

To cover the cost of one year's AOTOS membership or the conference fee for one day at a national conference for a current AOTOS member in financial need due to COVID 19. Travel and accommodation expenses not included.


Membership Bursaries are intended for those who are experiencing difficulty in finding sufficient resources to cover the membership subscription or attendance at a national conference.   

  • This bursary is specifically for those whose finances have been affected by Covid 19 and the subsequent lockdown(s)
  • Applicants must have held an active membership on 23 March 2020
  • Applicants should give a brief outline of their circumstances in support of their request.
  • For Membership, Conference and Area Day bursaries a decision will be made by a sub-committee consisting of Chair, Chair Elect, Past Chair and Secretary. The application should be sent to the Secretary.

Please note that we expect to receive a greater number of applications than we have bursaries available and not all applications may be successful. Those awarded a bursary are eligible to receive only one bursary at a time. We will assess applications against the eligibility criteria using information from the personal statement on the application.

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