SOVT ‘Singposium’ recording

The recordings of the AOTOS Spring Conference: SOVT 'Singposium' expired after 30 days and are no longer available for attendees.

AOTOS members can find the recording of the Round Table event in the Members' Resources area of the website here.

All attendees can still benefit from the brilliant offers we received from the event's speakers:

Oren Boder has created a special discount code – AOTOS20 – that will give members 20% off the SOVT Streaming Course, which is in collaboration with Vocal Process, as well as 20% off the SOVT Straw.

In addition, Oren will give 10% per sale made with that code as a perpetual donation to AOTOS.

Ilter Denizoglu has created a 10% discount coupon code – AOTOS – which can be used on websites:, and They will give AOTOS 15% commission on each order made with this coupon code.