Summer 2019 Conference: Programme

Summer 2019 Conference: Programme

Friday 19 July 2019

2.30pm Registration

3.20pm Welcome and housekeeping

3.30pm Paul Harris: If my pupils would only practise more

Paul has established an international reputation as one of the UK’s leading educationalists. His innovative teaching techniques combine thoroughness, imagination and practicality.

4.45pm Christopher Goldsack: What makes the voice work? – A little bit of the physics of the voice, and does it really matter?

Christopher is a singing teacher who was a physics teacher and in this presentation, he looks at how his background as a scientist makes him think about the voice. If you are a little scared by physics, then this presentation is just for you, as Christopher will demystify terminology and scientific expressions.

6pm AGM

7pm Supper

8.15pm Paul Deegan: The Ships of Arcady

The moving story of the poet Francis Ledwidge in spoken word and song. Guaranteed not a dry eye in the house. If you thought ‘The Ships of Arcady’ was a mysterious and reflective song, then think again.

9.15pm Free time

Saturday 20 July 2019

8.45am Rise, stretch and shine: Council Member

9am Dane Chalfin: Primal Voice in contemporary and commercial music (CCM) teaching

Dane routinely works with pop, rock and theatre singers, radio and TV broadcasters, presenters, transgender performers, and other vocal coaches and singing teachers. He uses a model of Primal Sound pedagogy to teach his vocalists to produce high-quality professional CCM sounds. Dane will explore the four positions associated with Primal Voice.

10.30am Coffee

11am Dane Chalfin: Primal Voice continued – Practical Group Work and Application for Delegates

12.30pm Margaret Aronson and Penelope Price Jones: Update on Teacher Training matters

A look at what is currently on offer from AOTOS and courses to come including information on how you can get involved as a participant or mentor.

1pm Lunch

2pm Christopher Goldsack: Preparing students to work with languages

Christopher shares his thoughts on working with languages and how you can gain linguistic confidence as a teacher. He will also give a practical guide to using the International Phonetics Alphabet. Be prepared for some group activity!

3.30pm Tea

4pm Delegates choose between (or swap half way):

  • Dane Chalfin: CCM Masterclass – working with singers
  • Christopher Goldsack: Masterclass on French Song – working with singers

6pm Area and Pod Meetings

7pm Dinner

8pm Angela Durrant: Engaging with the ether: online singing lessons and using social media to market your singing business

9.15pm Free time

Sunday 21 July 2019

8.45am Rise, stretch and shine: Council Member

9am Janet Shell: The Emotionally Intelligent Teacher: how to create a positive learning environment

Janet’s interest in helping people find their voice means she teaches across a wide range of ages and abilities, from beginners to highly advanced. In this practical session she will look at how we as teachers draw out the best in our students, establish our own ethical guidelines while maintaining healthy and positive boundaries. This will be an interactive session so bring your thoughts and ideas.

10.30am Coffee

11am Teacher Training Team: Tag Teaching – a practical session for all delegates – be prepared to get involved!

12 noon Joanne Edworthy: How Singing Enhances the Life of People with Parkinson’s

Joanne became interested in the therapeutic aspects of singing a few years ago when she became a leader for ‘Singing for the Brain’ sessions for the Alzheimer’s Society. She now leads a weekly singing class for the Wycombe & Amersham branch of Parkinson’s UK as well as leading classes for the NHS and at residential courses. This presentation will include information about how Parkinson’s affects people and how singing targets strategic areas that are problematic. Delegates should expect to get involved with the practical elements of the presentation.

1pm Lunch

2pm Kathleen McKellar Ferguson: Taste the text and smell it first – a masterclass on text

Kathleen McKellar Ferguson, has been a busy professional singer for many years having graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where she has also taught since 2001 and the Royal College of Music. She has a passion for working with text of all languages and in this masterclass delegates will be able to see some of the devices and tools she uses to get the most out of communication and understanding with students.

3.30pm A looking forward to Eurovox 2020; Plenary

4pm Close

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