AOTOS Zoom Event: Marketing yourself and your teaching practice

AOTOS Zoom Event: Marketing yourself and your teaching practice

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Live presentation with Angela Durrant

How are your business skills? Is your career going in the direction you hoped for? Do you wonder how to get more traction? Your questions are about to be answered.

We start our Spring 2021 Series with Angela Durrant who will be helping us all hone those marketing and business skills.

Angela studied at the Welsh College of Music and Drama and is the niece of celebrated film entertainer and ukulele player extraordinaire, George Formby. She began her career as a singer but in 2009 changed direction when she opened a voice studio and has been a voice coach since then. In 2018 Angela created The Online Singing Academy to help singers and songwriters develop their writing, singing and performance skills via the Internet and in 2019 branched out to create Maverick Communication and now also works with leaders, senior executives and organisations on delivering authentic presentations and training on speaking with impact and the art of influence

In this session, Angela will cover:

  • marketing
  • what type of things work well that people are buying
  • how to find and develop a core niche
  • why copy writing and being able to write well in the language of the customer is very important
  • simple ways to use video (pre-recorded and live with some simple tech)
  • show people how to research what bigger competitors are doing (avoid judgement and snobbery) and how they can take the business ideas and model them with who they have right now

AOTOS members only

Angela is the niece of the entertainer George Formby. She watched all the great variety artists perform as she stood by the side of many stages in the 1970s watching her father sing the songs that had made George famous. Seeing that music was in her blood, she performed all through her teens and after a four-year detour to train as a sound engineer, entered the Welsh College of Music to study singing at the ripe age of 23. 

After performing and surviving and auditioning for a further ten years, she decided to settle down, have a family and open a vocal studio. That’s when she really found out how little she knew, so set about learning and studying and working with students.

She has taught many hundreds of singers, and many have gone on to professional pop and acting careers in their teens or created part-time incomes from their singing. Her first love is classical but she embraced learning and performing as a contemporary singer as well and is now developing an online academy and diversifying into corporate speaking.

Hosted by Edwin Pitt Mansfield, AOTOS Chair Elect.

Registration for this event is now closed. A recording of this event will be available to AOTOS member in the resources area of the website later this week.

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