Each weekend, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning are spent on individual studio-mentored teaching with guest pupils.

Alongside this are sessions to develop teaching skills including ‘how people learn’, planning lessons, keyboard playing for voice teachers, running a studio, health issues, extra repertoire, time for tutorials.

Faculty: Margaret Aronson, Penny Price Jones, Joy Naylor


Weekend 1

Saturday morning:

  • Anatomy

Sunday afternoon:

  • The Developing Voice
  • The Older Voice

Mentors: Coral Gould, Liza Hobbs, Alison Ling, Janice Thompson

Weekend 2

Saturday morning:

  • Learning music from notation
  • Developing aural skills

Sunday afternoon:

  • Working with the keyboard
  • Repertoire

Mentors: Marian Bryfdir, Andrea Calladine, Paul Deegan, Heidi Pegler

Weekend 3

Saturday morning:

  • Text
  • Articulators
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication

Sunday afternoon:

  • Performing techniques
  • Summing up – the way forward

Mentors: Ivor Flint, Janet Munro, Heidi Pegler, Zoë Turner