AOTOS Singing  Magazine


Sara-Lois Cunningham

Sara-Lois Cunningham
Magazine Editor

Singing  is the journal of AOTOS, sent twice a year to all members, and is also now available in pdf format online.  It includes articles, book and music reviews, reports of presentations at recent national conferences and area events, as well as news of members, and notification of forthcoming events.  Articles in recent issues have covered topics such as ‘Teaching young voices safely’ (Jenevora Williams), ‘Resonance’ and ‘The Singer and the Alexander Technique’ (Karen Sell), ‘How can we help students become independent of teachers’ (Alexander Massey) and ‘Winterreise’ (Richard Stokes).

The editor, Sara-Lois Cunningham, attempts to bring interesting books of all kinds to the attention of the members, so that subject areas are intentionally diverse; anatomy and physiology, body-awareness, hearing loss, repertoire, historical background, conducting singers and of course, teaching singing! Music reviewed is similarly varied, ranging from new solo songs, choral music, new editions of standard works, and volumes of material for specific purposes, such as grade examinations and boys’ changing voices.

Reports of recent conference presentations are known to be particularly valuable to those members who are unable to attend in person.  In each issue new members are welcomed, and the contribution to the world of singing in general and AOTOS in particular of those members who have recently died is also recognised and celebrated.

As the journal of AOTOS, Singing is potentially a destination for articles based on academic research, as well as being a forum for questions, answers and discussion about anything related to teaching singing.  The Editor welcomes notice of any new books and music that should be brought to the attention of members, as well as contributions on any relevant subject.