Code of Ethics

AOTOS regards it to be the duty of a teacher of singing to:

  • put the welfare of a student above their own ambition
  • treat every student with respect, regardless of age or ability, and extend this respect to a student’s confidences
  • operate in accordance with the guidance given in the AOTOS Child protection policy and Code of practice
  • maintain honesty and realism in assessing a student’s potential and in giving career advice
  • search constantly for further enlightenment with a view to improving their own work and have an open-minded approach to the methods and opinions of colleagues
  • work unselfishly towards sharing knowledge with colleagues, especially with younger and less experienced teachers
  • respect a student’s freedom to change teacher without rancour or recrimination
  • behave with courtesy and discretion towards other members of the profession.

Facebook Members Group 

When you join AOTOS, you will be sent an invitation to join this secret group for members. (You may be interested in this article by our Webmaster, Ian Anderson Gray, about how to stay private on Facebook.)

Facebook Code of Conduct

The official AOTOS Facebook Members Group was set up to connect members and share ideas – only members see what’s posted there.

We hope that you will feel free to post questions about anything to do with singing teaching – including repertoire, science, philosophy, psychology, personal experience and so on (and fun posts too!).

To encourage lively discussion and the free sharing of ideas, we request that members post in line with the AOTOS Code of Ethics, behaving with courtesy and discretion towards other members of the profession.

We will be glad to post any job opportunities that seem relevant to our membership.

Please do not use the page to advertise private events or material. You can contact the AOTOS Administrator ( to request an email to members, or the magazine editor to advertise in the next issue of the AOTOS ‘Singing’ magazine (

We will hide or delete comments that advertise private events or material, contravene our Code of Ethics, are clearly off-topic, or would disrupt or derail the debate. We reserve the right to remove from the group any member persistently contravening these guidelines.