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Jan Spooner Swabey South East Area Representative

Jan Spooner Swabey
South East Area Representative

Representative: Jan Spooner Swabey

With an enormous area to cover, ranging from the Isle of Wight to Norfolk, I will not promise to meet you all in your home town but I hope we will meet up at a conference at some time whilst I am your area rep! As I live in Sussex, I would welcome input from those of you in East Anglia and Kent and Essex for development ideas that you think will work and will try to organise an event nearer your part of our area.

I follow, in trepidation, excellent area reps in the shape of Sarah Leonard and Nicola-Jane Kemp and can only promise to do my best to follow on their wonderful legacy. In our area we have all types of teachers with a variety of expertise so the more we can come together, formally or informally, to exchange views, difficulties and successes the better. The ‘Pod’ coordinators will aid in this (there has already been one such informal get together) so do make use of us all. We want our organisation to be thriving and relevant to us all.

About me: I trained initially as a scientist but seeing the error of my ways, undertook a music degree at Sheffield University, studying singing with Margaret Field. I took part in many light opera productions and began to take solos with local choral groups. After teacher training at Bretton Hall College, I then moved down South to Worthing, first teaching in a local comprehensive and running choirs and shows, then branching out on my own as a solo teacher. It’s challenging but I have to say, after 30 years I still love it! I have worked in various schools at all levels but now only work on the Musical Theatre course at our local college part time and still have a full private practice. I also act as secretary for our local music festival.

I have run various upper-voice choirs but now just have one which is great fun! I also love my two terriers and they keep me healthy by demanding walks on the downs at all times – whatever the weather!

Do contact me with anything you feel I may be able to help with and I look forward to seeing some of you at our next conference if not a local event or Development Day. Jan Spooner Swabey


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May 2014 – Development Day in Winchester with Ann-Marie Speed

March 2014 – Masterclass at Clare College, Cambridge with Joan Rodgers CBE

May 2013 – Development Day in Winchester with Mary King

February 2013 – Masterclass at Clare College, Cambridge with Roderick Williams 

September 2012 – Open Auditions day with Nicholas Sears (RCM) and Wendy Gadian (Central)

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